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In this rapidly changing world, continuously improving your abilities and knowledge is the key to success.
There are new opportunities waiting for you every day, but you need a self-value-adding system that is in line with the technological era.
To help you better cope with all the challenges in life.
This is a learning platform that I have created independently for more than half a year. It can help you accelerate your learning and improve yourself.
You don’t need to browse through vast amounts of information;
I use carefully created articles, audios and videos
Provide you with a moreefficient learning method.

If you like candid and direct content, then the members area is for you.

Do you want to pursue self-growth, improve your quality of life, and turn your life around? (Plus you’re willing to suffer a little bit for what you want).
 Do you want real insights, new perspectives, exclusive life advice and strategies, rather than the same content?
 You are eager to achieve breakthroughs in various aspects such as thinking models, love relationships, and money-making thinking, maintain keen insights in a rapidly changing world, and make smarter choices to enjoy a richer and better life. (In a word, you want to break through the status quo!)
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- Exclusive live broadcast for members every month
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- 2 selected book excerpts from "Top Masters" are updated every month
- "Top Master" Zone e-book, "Romantic Husband: Fully Optimize Your Sexual Strategy", "Breaking Through Confusion: The Complete Decryption of WT Guide"
- 3 groups of online courses "Abundance Mindset", "Counterflow Mindset", and "Subconscious Beginner Course"

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Maybe you are wondering why I built this platform and why is there a cost-related part?

I am an independent writer with creative freedom.

I can write what I find interesting and express what I want freely.

More importantly, I don’t have to compromise to please the crowd, but I do live by one principle:

I am committed to writing content that touches on the essential issues of self-growth and the truth of life.

Even if they are ugly or painful, they may be hard to accept.

I believe that only by accepting the truth can we grow and improve our lives.


​I believe that the charging system allows me to continue to create high-quality content, so that you who are willing to pay can get a better reading and learning experience. ​

Overview of membership system

As mentioned above, I will use VIP articles, e-books, podcast audio, live communication,
Online courses share learning content with you without so much nonsense!
Here are some of the experiences and content you’re about to have.
#1. Goal achieved
"Knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom." Discover your dreams and learn how to set clear goals and achieve personal and professional success. In another of our courses, The Abundance Mindset, we share the sources of belief that give you more leverage for success in life.
#3. Building resilience
Develop inner resilience and enhance your ability to cope with setbacks and difficulties. The main course "Countercurrent Mentality" will lead you to build a strong mentality, challenge your limits, further develop your skills, and achieve growth and progress through continuous trials and experiments.
#5. Genuine Love and Dating
A successful love relationship requires overcoming fears and childish beliefs. We'll explore techniques for navigating the complexities of romantic relationships, learn strategies for successful dating, and get along with each other.
#2. Self-rescue
Unlock deep knowledge about how to help yourself, including avoiding self-sabotage, choosing your true self, caring for yourself, meditation and mental strength to achieve further growth and self-liberation.
#4. Building healthy relationships
Explore hypocrisy and cover-up in relationships, learn to interact with others, improve relationships, overcome fears, and build a better life.
#6. Emotion management
Learn how to manage your emotions and improve your emotional intelligence so you can better cope with stress and emotional problems. In our e-book, "Converse Sex Strategies," we dive deep into the emotional truth.
Subscriber-only content
Limited time? Want to study from the best books? "Selected Book Summaries" by top experts, at least 2 articles per month, provide you with answers. I've selected important books and provided detailed summaries covering key insights and lessons. Whether you're interested in science, psychology or the humanities, there's something for you. Join now and gain knowledge quickly without spending a lot of time.
If you have any questions, you can ask me (live) meeting
My live sessions are an open space for learning and interaction. You can ask your questions at any time, whether it's about conference topics, industry insights, life advice, or academic discussions, and I'll do my best to provide answers.

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    • 3組線上課程
    • 直播QA(優先回覆)
    • 「頂尖高手」Zone電子書、《浪漫大丈夫:充分優化你的兩性策略》、《突破迷茫:WT指南全解密》
    • 每月更新2篇「頂尖高手」精選書摘
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    Every 2 years
    • 每月VIP會員直播
    • 解鎖所有VIP文章(每週更新)
    • 3組線上課程
    • 直播QA(優先回覆)
    • 「頂尖高手」Zone電子書、《浪漫大丈夫:充分優化你的兩性策略》、《突破迷茫:WT指南全解密》
    • 每月更新2篇「頂尖高手」精選書摘

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    An FAQ section can be used to quickly answer common questions about your business like "Where do you ship to?", "What are your opening hours?", or "How can I book a service? ".
  • Why do FAQs matter?
    FAQs are a great way to help site visitors find quick answers to common questions about your business and create a better navigation experience.
  • Where can I add my FAQs?
    FAQs can be added to any page on your site or to your Wix mobile app, giving access to members on the go.
  • 4. 會不會有些國家的文化較不真誠
    我發現到少許不同國家或者文化,少許還是會有些落差的。 有些國家的思維習慣會比較難真誠與人交流溝通,這個是文化和價值觀的問題。 也就是一些國家的人套路會比較多,對人的信任程度更低。 會經常擔心自己會不會踩坑、被人騙之類的。 因此,在這樣的國家,誠實反而可以取到更大的作用性,因為這個特質會更加的稀缺。 接受誠實的價值觀之後,你會更加輕松, 因為不是那麼多目的性,更多真誠更少虛偽。
  • How do I access subscribed articles and other learning content?
    Once the payment is completed, you will immediately gain access to browse all learning materials in the members area, including VIP articles, audios, e-books, courses, etc. Please note, do not share your account as our platform has a learning record and sharing your account may result in your account being disqualified.
  • If I miss a live broadcast, can I replay it?
    Of course, you can find the online version of the live broadcast in the members area, and you can even download it for subsequent viewing.
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    Sorry, our memberships are non-refundable. You can choose to turn off auto-renewal to stop future charges.
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    You just need to choose to cancel automatic renewal in the "Subscription Term" section of your profile.
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    For personal advice, please email and I will do my best to provide a response. You can also ask your questions during the live chat.
  • Will a long-term subscription help me learn and grow?
    This depends on your personal learning style and goals. If you study the content in the Members Area with an open mind, you will be able to broaden your horizons and deal with various problems and challenges.
  • What are the online courses included in the VIP Pro package?
    Currently, it includes 3 online courses, namely "Subconscious Transformation", "Abundance Mindset" and "Countercurrent Mindset". In addition, more than 10 other selected courses of Charming Club are not included in the Will Tan Premium package. Since the production and maintenance and update costs of these courses are very high, if you are interested, you can purchase them on Charming Club’s website:
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    Because the price difference cannot be refunded, downgrading is currently not possible. But don’t worry, you can stop automatic renewal in the automatic renewal field and wait until the next update to choose a cheaper option. matching package. Just like in a cafeteria, you can choose as many different meals as you want!
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    Make sure you are logged into your account and go to the Membership tab to access all the great membership content.
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    Our memberships are non-refundable. You can turn off auto-renewal so you won't be charged again. If you need help getting the most out of your purchased membership, please email support@ and we'll point you in the right direction.
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  • 為什麼想太多的人,通常是收穫最少的?
    想要脫單?想要談戀愛?首先,改變你的認知,提升你的個人素質,人類本來就是動物,活的好的、過的快樂的,通常都是內在強大的,而強大的通常都是願意先付出、成長的! 想太多往往是分散註意力和逃避責任的一種手段。 有時我們害怕的痛苦實際上對我們有好處。這實際上是我們需要學習和成長的。 成功的關鍵是如何放下個人情緒感受,也就是操你的感受,不要放大個人感受,你就更有勇氣,做更多有難度但對你有正面價值的事情,比如冒險、和高手做朋友(通常人在同一個圈子,混同樣缺少成長心態的朋友,也是因為在照顧自己的情緒感受)
  • 為什麼情場贏家能幫你解決大多數兩性的問題?
    你為什麼絕對需要學習《情場贏家》終身線上課的10個原因: 1. 拿掉你身上 2. 不受控的潛意識 3. 解決掉難搞的ego問題 4. 如何建立聯系感、和諧感 ,如何打破聯系感、和諧感 5. 6. 幫助你從沒有約會到約會從稀缺到生活中擁有豐富的女性 7. 終身學習,成本極度低! 8.
  • 這個課程集數很多,內容很多,是用哪些概念設計和製作的?
    《情場贏家》課程都是以實用心理學 + 人類行為學 + 教練近15年的實戰經驗 + 輔導與線下指導過數千名學員,為嚴謹的架構 * 內容不嘴砲、不囉嗦,完全成果導向,科學化的學習&訓練方式,讓你看見你的進步,和需要解決的大小問題,找出你的忙盲點,此外提升你的個人自我審查問題的能力 * 課程集數很多,但完全沒有冗員,也不囉嗦,那麼多集數,是因為我們做產品檢查完整化、系統化,完全不偷工減料 * 實力派的團隊,保證你完成此課程之後,還可能還會心癢加購其他我們的課程,因為真的很有實力! * 讓你做一個坦蕩蕩的男子漢, * 最後,課程只有6個字總結:真的非常有料!
  • 為什麼課程教你的正面自我對話對你的兩性學習有幫助?
    積極地與自己講話 如果你現在認為自己在女人面前還不算成功,那個你不是真實的你。 你只是需要技巧來吸引她們。 常常保持積極的心態,並認真學習每一種新技巧。你可以允許自己犯錯,但一定要從錯誤中吸取教訓。 積極地與自己講話,這樣會幫助你成功。只要嘗試和付出努力,你一定能做到這點。 這只是時間的問題。
  • 當你加入並改變你的生活,這將提升你的現場交流能力並為你帶來收獲。
    這個課程是Will最主打推薦的【首選約會課程】,真實阿爾法的三大核心: 1. 成熟:思維方式,行為模式 2. 自然:潛溝通及表溝通 3. 自信:好的生活,更少的自我、更多的自尊
  • MODULE 1&2 【心態、信念&潛意識】一共14節課的核心有哪些?
    【心態、信念&潛意識】一共14節課,包含 ✪ 如何擺脫12種Blockages(個人限制、障礙、社會制約、情緒、創傷、藉口等) ✪ 實現完整的內在意識轉變,由內而外擁有強而有吸引力的行為 ✪ 你將有健康的高自尊、自我價值感和自我意識,你不需要女人的認可,她們會更欣賞你 ✪ 調整我們的習慣下意識行為,調降你的需求感以及焦慮感 ✪ 成為真實自信的男人,關於時尚、肢體語言、聲音、外向品質、社交技能、建立有趣的生活等一切方法傳授給你
  • MODULE 3&4 【把妹策略&阿爾法男人】一共16節課的核心有哪些?
    【把妹策略&阿爾法男人】一共16節課,包含 ✪ 重拾你的男子氣概,消除不吸引人的行為和心態,阿爾法肢體語言和語調、表達方式 ✪ 你知道如何提升你的陽剛特質,成為有支配性、有力量、男性性吸引力強的男人 ✪ 打造你迷人的個性,讓你和女人的交流極為省力 ✪ 沒有戰術的戰略,是通往勝利最慢的;沒有戰略的戰術,是失敗的喧囂 ✪ 戰略是真正阿爾法,戰術是貝塔轉換成阿爾法等快速捷徑 ✪ 我將告訴你升級你的約會質量的權重分類,哪一些真的可以不用練,哪一些你必須先練
  • MODULE 5&6 【女人心理&框架遊戲】一共11節課的核心有哪些?
    【女人心理&框架遊戲】一共11節課,包含 ✪ 這個世界上有很多漂亮的女人,你有沒有能力和她們上床,這一切取決於你的戰略,和你的行為是否高價值 ✪ 如何“讀懂”一個女孩,讓她覺得你很懂她,而她很快信任你並且戀上你 ✪ 分解高價值行為和低價值行為的外部屬性,以及如何在與女性的交往中運用這些技巧 ✪ 自我框架是指你的中心價值觀,而這框架是不會被動搖的,因為女人通過對你不斷的廢物測試來測試你的框架是否夠堅硬 ✪ 微妙的力量,讓你處於交流的上風,她要確定你是否有足夠堅定的意識或者價值觀來引導她、帶領她 ✪ 看透兩性在社會的角色演變,以及你要如何成為遊戲的贏家
  • MODULE 7&8【極化關係&情人式交流】一共12節課的核心有哪些?
    【極化關係&情人式交流】一共12節課,包含 ✪ 讓路人變為情人,讓朋友變為女友,有效極化關系讓她成為你的女人最速的方式 ✪ 分析你和女人的關系:討好、平等和破壞關系,勇敢的極化你和她之間的和諧感 ✪ 搭訕轉即時約會如何在15分鐘內,和女人聊性話題、調情 ✪ 帶領女人在約會進入情人框架,有性意圖,在談話中註入樂趣和性 ✪ 言語極化的20種方式,非言語極化的10種方式,極化之車道理論,以及男人計劃成功VS失敗的案例分析
  • MODULE 9&10【自然的感性交流與言語調情】一共10節課的核心有哪些?
    ✪ 【自然的感性交流與言語調情】一共10節課,包含 ✪ 情緒是你的大腦將你的外部環境和你的期望進行比較的結果 ✪ 控制你的期望就比較少對女人有情緒反應(需求感) Less Expectations, Less Reactions ✪ 我們的大腦經常會無意識的蒙蔽自己,判斷錯誤,如何制造讓女人覺得「想要」的情緒 ✪ 女性情緒的演變以及如何解讀它們,讓她對你保持好奇心 ✪ 打造你的感性腦,減少交流時過度理性,情緒也來自於人的大腦回饋機制
  • MODULE 11&12 【非語言升級&達陣親密關係】一共9節課的核心有哪些?
    ✪【非語言升級&達陣親密關係】一共9節課,包含 ✪ 清楚去表達你的意圖,因為你非常清楚想從一個女人身上得到什麼 ✪ 每一句話,每一個動作,每一個沈默,她都會覺得我是獎品 ✪ 建立“獎勵”機制,讓女人倒追你的精準策略 ✪ 建立深度情感交流的方式,以及讓女人反過來想和你性愛的訣竅方法 ✪ 如何內化你所學的一切,讓你不只是情場贏家,還是人生贏家
  • 這個課程是如何學習的?
  • 課程有沒有使用期限?
  • 這個課程適合的學習對象有誰?
  • 課程所教的方法適用於所有國家嗎?
  • 學習完此課程後,購買其他進階課程可否得到折扣?
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