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Here, you can help busy people find time-saving ideas and suggestions for success in love, life, and career.

Adapt or die, survival of the fittest. Do you think that the more abundant and developed network resources we have in the world today, the more restless and restless we become and the more likely we are to feel lacking? The world after the epidemic has become more difficult to control and unpredictable. And behind the challenges there are also opportunities! This is the worst of times and the best of times.

Matthew Effect: The strong get stronger and the weak get weaker; economics also talks about "winner takes all", but Lao Tzu said in ancient times: The way of human beings is not the same. If you lose enough, you will be rewarded. In fact, we are just like animals in the jungle. For hundreds of thousands of years, we have followed the natural law of survival of the weak and the strong, which has remained unchanged since ancient times. What if you happen to be neither a strong person nor a winner, nor a master? If you feel that your living space is getting smaller and smaller, what changes can you make?

How do we adapt to this complex, chaotic, and challenging world? How do you adjust yourself and play the game of life well?(I am Will), welcome to my blog website, where there are many articles, videos, courses and other learning resources. Some readers said: Most of my articles can get to the point and hit the nail on the head, allowing you to immediately see many flaws and blind spots in life. You can refer to (article)and (Subscription).

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Why is it that the less you think about success, the more likely you are to succeed?


I want to say: the less you think about success, the more likely you are to find the success you want in your life. I have grown slowly over the past few years and gained wealth, a career, a happy and meaningful relationship, and many precious friends and work partners.

I found what I love to do, from chatting up, teaching, and giving speeches in the past, to writing, shooting videos, and traveling in recent years. As I grew up, I never thought about success or failure. I only focused on doing what I wanted to do and living the life I wanted to live. More than 10 years ago, I was introduced by a friend and had a short day of study with a wise man in a town more than 200 kilometers away from Bangkok in Thailand. I began to understand that life is full of pain, but what can we discover? The principles of life and cultivation, or which mentality is most beneficial to us, be firm-willed and follow your inner voice.


On this journey, I carry with me two core mentality + two life principles:

("Abundance Mindset"+"Countercurrent Mentality")X("Winner in Love" Principle + "21 Day Challenge" Principles)

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