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About Will

About Will

I was born in Malaysia in 1985.

When I was studying abroad, I often lacked money to pay for tuition and living expenses, so I tried various part-time jobs and entrepreneurship. I worked as a construction site worker, a cleaner, a dishwasher, a night shift in a supermarket, and many more jobs that I can’t remember. I almost dropped out of college because of depression. After graduation, I encountered the global financial crisis in 2008. I couldn't find a job for a whole year, and my life was in ruins.

After starting my own business in 2012, I faced a wandering life with ups and downs in my career. Around the age of 30, I experienced two major relationship failures. Among them, my engaged fiancée left me. At that time, I felt that my whole life was very gray, and every effort I made came to nothing. My whole life was full of setbacks and ups and downs, and God seemed to love to play tricks on me.

The hardships in the past have made me cherish everything now more, make me more confident in being prepared for danger in times of peace, make me better understand how to enjoy the present, make me more willing to accept all the pains in life, and understand that the road of life is full of twists and turns. , ups and downs. And we can only move forward and turn our heads as little as possible.

Suffer VS Enjoy, which one do you think is more important? Which one of them do you think occupies a greater proportion in our lives? Which one brings more meaning to you? What are the things that changed your life?

There are three jobs that have changed my life: salesperson, speaker, and dating coach. Now, I am moving towards my 4th and 5th dreams - becoming a writer and life coach. To me, the rhythm of the world is composed of social interaction (emotional fun) and psychology (logical thinking). Many people say that I change quickly, that I have always been full of ideas, dare to innovate, and constantly make bold attempts and breakthroughs.

I want to say: All living things must evolve to survive, and humans also need it. If you don’t change, you don’t evolve, and you will probably be eliminated by nature. Reality is always harsh, and it also allows us to see ourselves and the facts clearly.

If we always do things with the same old ideas, we will definitely not be able to change the status quo, because the old methods will definitely get the old results.

We can use more different perspectives to find better solutions to all life's problems.

We all have similar but different growth processes. We may often make mistakes, experience setbacks, and failures along the way. What is important is how we respond to the adversities in front of us and find the strength and solutions to go against the current.

Finally, I give you a quote from Henry David Thoreau, which I use to always encourage myself:
"Move confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you want."

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