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In the past, I've occasionally noticed that certain friends seem to be more successful than most of us:

A Korean digital nomad I met in Chiang Mai, he looks like an ordinary backpacker
A young entrepreneur under 30 years old can be worth over 100 million and own many successful companies;
A young girl can travel around the world by herself, have countless fans, and she has different ideas, which makes people feel that her success is not accidental.

Do they have any extraordinary superpowers? Or are they all the rich second generation?

No, they are all just like us, ordinary human beings, even some of them have lower academic qualifications, poor family backgrounds, and constant setbacks in their lives in the past.

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An abundance mindset gives you creativity

The return of the leverage pivot point will mostly be greater than 5, or even

Matthew effect
(To the rich: To everyone who has, more will be given, and he will have an abundance; from everyone who does not have, even what he has will be taken away #Matthew 25:29)
Tao Te Ching "The way of heaven is to make up for the deficiency when there is excess. The way of man is not the same, to make up for the deficiency when there is excess."
Economics is called: winner takes all (the strong get stronger, the weak get weaker)
Or social phenomenon: M-shaped society (the rich get richer and the poor get poorer)
Why are Barcelona and Real Madrid always the champions of La Liga?
The more I read, the easier and faster I read, and the more books I read (reading skills affect everything you do)
When I made my first money, the money I made later became easier
When I got my first girlfriend, my subsequent interactions with both sexes became easier.

[What is the leverage point? 】

I once spent a year creating a stable revenue system for the company, although

My fiancée, she is a good woman
I spend 10 minutes a week handing over work to my designer, who can help
a good advertisement

As long as it’s return

People with an abundance mentality can continue to accumulate more good things

【Gospel of Matthew】

How do you get more about,

Join my "

Good books to read, help us find the fulcrum of life,

You are in my school and I will tell you all these good books

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I'm Will, and self-improvement is a never-ending journey. I hope that through my blog, I can help more people realize their dreams and goals and live a more successful and meaningful life.

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[More about the abundance mindset]

What is an abundance mindset? It does not mean that you have a lot of money and many women are considered a wealthy mentality; on the contrary, it means that even if you do not have abundant resources at the same time, you can still live a life of peace of mind, be happy, embrace everything you have, cherish and be grateful.

The abundance mentality is that you have no shortage, you don’t need to constantly ask for things from people around you, you can provide value, the older you are, the higher the proportion of your selfless dedication should be, that is maturity (if you grow up, you will still be very selfish) , If you don’t dare to pay for feelings, then your life has not grown, and it is very likely that you are very lacking inside)

An abundance mindset means seeing unlimited potential in life.
This means you can see the potential in yourself and those around you. Therefore, you will intentionally drive yourself to create the life you want.

An abundance mentality means that you can control your emotions. You will not be easily influenced or react too much to things and people around you. You are not so reactive.

An abundance mentality allows you to be firm on your goals and not give up easily, because the fewer unnecessary distractions you have, the clearer you will see everything on the path of life.
An abundance mentality means that you can take control of your life, be free from desires, and not have too much pressure in life, so that you can focus on doing what you want to do.

Men can be single, but you don’t want to be anxious about being single; you want to be single when you are still comfortable, happy, not lonely, not jealous of others, not resentful of men who have beautiful girlfriends, and not constantly asking for contact with other people (an expression of lack) way, always looking for friends to drink tea and hang out instead of investing in yourself)

If you are unable to be single, comfortable, and not lonely, then it means that you are quite normal. People must be lonely and have emotional needs. Otherwise, so many people come to my class. Rich people have mistresses, but no one has money. People love to play games and are full of fantasies. You are uncomfortable being single and just need a companion (then you should solve this problem as soon as possible. What are you waiting for?)

You are waiting because you are always chasing mirages, dreaming about the appearance of girls with 10 points, and dreaming about fucking more women, but in the end you can't fuck any of them.
Don’t keep thinking about rainbows (untouchable women) and miss real money (real good women)

We can be rich, but we should not be anxious about having money, but should use the resources we have with a rich mentality.
We can be short of money, but we should not be anxious about the lack of money. Instead, we should face all challenges with the mentality of solving the immediate problem.

Rich people and poor people in the world are all equally anxious, but their anxiety points may be different, but their level of anxiety or stress may be similar. But we have never known that all the resources in the world originally belong to nature, and everything we have in life is borrowed from nature.

An abundance mentality can help you achieve a fearless, peaceful and far-reaching mentality.
Only when your mind is stable, calm and focused can you accumulate a lot and make a difference.

[Abundance mentality, what should I practice? 】-》【Can be divided into addition and subtraction】

(1) Addition: Improve your muscles (invest in your inner self, high-quality thinking, stoic mood, high self-esteem)
(2) Subtraction: Satisfy yourself, reduce distractions, distracting thoughts, and be indifferent to your aspirations.

【Abundance Mindset】can help enhance your creativity

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4 core principles of the Abundance Mindset

  1. ​As long as you find any successful fulcrum, you can achieve the result in a labor-saving and time-saving way

  2. Focus on win-win, not zero-sum

  3. In fact, we have enough, we are not afraid of losing or letting go of anything.

  4. Matthew Effect: Good things will lead to more good things, and the strong get stronger.

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