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To put it simply, it is your mentality when facing adversity, or when you face different opinions from others, you can still go your own way.
"Swimming against the current" mentality: Life is one challenge after another. "Time is like a river, taking us forward to meet reality, and reality requires us to make decisions. We cannot stop on this river, There is no way to avoid encounters. We can only approach them in the best possible way."

The sooner you get over your aversion to growing discomfort, the sooner you can start achieving success in all areas of your life.
Famous author Ryan Holiday said: “The path of least resistance is a bad teacher.

I found that the countercurrent mentality I summarized has similar views to those of the following great writers:

  1. "Who you are depends on what you are willing to fight for." ——(Mark Manson)

  2. “If you’re not failing, you’re not pushing your limits, and if you’re not pushing your limits, you’re not maximizing your potential.”
    ——(Ray Dalio, "Principles: Life and Work")

  3. “Remember, a dead fish can swim downstream, but only a living fish can swim upstream.” (Keep challenging yourself)

  4. "Turn your obstacles into opportunities, turn your problems into possibilities." (Pivot & Abundance Mindset) (Ryan Holiday "The Obstacle is the Way")

[Plus 4 core elements of "Abundance Mindset"]:

  1. As long as you find any successful fulcrum, you can achieve results in a way that saves effort and time.

  2. Focus on win-win, notzero sum

  3. In fact, we have enough, we are not afraid of losing or letting go of anything.

  4. Matthew Effect: Good things will lead to more good things, and the strong get stronger.

If you have been knocked down by failure many times in life, or you can never find the life/sexual relationship/job you want, and you are not satisfied with your results,
You often feel depressed and frustrated,

And maybe, you are missing "Counter Flow Mentality".

The world is always testing us: are you worthy? Can you overcome these inevitable setbacks in life?

About the author

will tan

I'm Will, and self-improvement is a never-ending journey. I hope that through my blog, I can help more people realize their dreams and goals and live a more successful and meaningful life.

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I have grown rapidly in the past few years and gained a lot of wealth, happy relationships, and many high-quality interpersonal relationships.
I found what I love to do, from chatting up, teaching, and giving speeches in the past, to writing, shooting videos, and traveling in recent years;


However, you asked me if I felt relaxed during the process?


No, this road forward is full of obstacles, potholes, challenges, setbacks, failures, restlessness, frustration, helplessness, anger,
A lot of times I feel like I'm being knocked down, sometimes I feel like I'm drowning...


But these unpleasant emotions can be overcome, as long as I always remind myself of several important mental techniques of "Counter Flow Mentality", and every strong person will know it before becoming stronger.


But I discovered a key:
Growth means constantly putting yourself on the edge of your comfort zone, constantly increasing your burden, and even


i always


“It’s not so much about discovering yourself as it is about creating yourself
"If you do everything wholeheartedly, you can get everything you want."


2. Overcoming fear is the fastest way to gain confidence.


“Who you become depends on what you are willing to sacrifice for.”


"Time is like a river, taking us forward to meet reality, and reality requires us to make decisions. We cannot stop on this river, nor can we avoid encounters. We can only approach in the best way them."


"If there are no resistance or obstacles in front of you, you have to create them. Because you are not thinking of ways to make yourself stronger!

Countercurrent mentality: taking you no longer to follow the trend

This is an era full of uncertainty and uncontrollability

Black swan events occur frequently, such as the epidemic, the Russia-Ukraine war, food crises, and severe inflation.
Some are once-in-a-century events
In addition, we live in the most advanced Internet era in history. AI and technological automation have replaced some jobs. The arrival of the metaverse,


my blog post

It’s more about embracing the chaos of the world than trying to control it all.
You will find that life is more about subtraction than addition

"We have spent time studying personal development and have proven through experiments that no matter who you are, as long as you have a strong willpower and an indestructible mental power to overcome challenges in adversity, then he/she will definitely be able to ride the wind and waves and be brave. Be afraid, march forward with great joy, and make a difference

We will succeed in everything, not because of the good things in life, but on the contrary because of the bad things in life (

Never give up: Those who stand up after falling and move forward bravely even if they feel scared will eventually be able to

Anxiety, insomnia: Negative emotions to an appropriate degree are good.

In fact, everything has its positive value

Desires and dreams allow us to overcome obstacles and overcome obstacles
No one has a smooth journey. Do you choose to be trapped by your emotions, or do you turn around and face the challenge?

[Countercurrent mentality] can help improve your creativity

The most outstanding leaders are often CEOs and leaders who have a strong rebellious spirit. . . Not only do they not resist innovation, but they make innovation the personality of the company.

Countercurrent mentality:
What is our real enemy?

Your real competition is no one else.

Your competitors are:

  1. Your procrastination.

  2. your ego.

  3. The unhealthy foods you eat.

  4. You neglect to learn knowledge.

  5. You lack discipline.

  6. Your distraction.

  7. Your bad habits.

  8. Negative behaviors you cultivate.

  9. Your self-doubt.

compete with th

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